How Abandon Basket Email Campaigns Can Improve Your E-Commerce Site

Whilst traditional high street sales may be suffering a decline, online sales are booming. An E-commerce website allows you to sell your products online.

However, nearly all E-commerce websites witness a proportion of shopping baskets being abandoned as website visitors either forget to check out or come across barriers that prevent them from doing so.

Abandoned basket email campaigns greatly help E-commerce site owners to drive web visitors back to their discarded baskets and complete their purchase. But there's a knack to getting them right and making the most of the opportunity.

Here's how, in 8 simple steps:


8 Tips to Improve Abandon Basket Emails

  • Personalising will have a greater impact in ensuring the email is delivered, read and that the recipient engages and makes use of the links provided.
  • Promote trust and credibility by including the company name and logo. A customer helpline number should be clearly displayed so that the web user knows there's a human being on hand to deal with any queries.
  • Concisely set out why the potential customer should buy from you and why they should complete their purchase. Take the opportunity to reinforce your unique selling points (USPs).
  • Take care with timings. Think about the type of product that has been abandoned as well as the value of the basket and the type of customer. It's not a good idea to email someone immediately after they have abandoned a basket containing a ?500 watch for example, as higher value items often require more thought and research. But fast moving goods will command a faster response.
  • Your email should be designed so that the calls to action are clear and obvious. Do not include links to other pages, as this will distract the user from the principle objective of getting them to return to their abandoned basket.
  • Add a sense of urgency by using a deadline. For example "Only 3 left in stock" or "Offer expires in 3 days". You could also make use of an offer to incentivise users such as "Free P&P if you order within 3 days." Providing all statements made are true and can be proven to comply with Advertising Standards Authority guidelines.

Abandon Basket Email Campaigns


An abandoned email campaign can work very well alongside an E-commerce site. They can effectively regain potential lost sales and improve the conversion of your website. It is a good idea to test timings, creative and offers to maximise your opportunities to capture sales.

Core Media Design can help with all aspects of your E-commerce website and email marketing campaigns. Contact us today to find out more.

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