How to Turn Your Blog into a Business

If you've been blogging for a while now, you will probably have built up a good following: a loyal audience. Hopefully you'll also be ranking well in the search engines too. Visitors will always be interested to return if you keep your blog regularly updated with fresh and engaging posts and you'll be doing well in the search engines if you make sure you always include strong keywords in your content.

This could be the right time to start thinking about monetising your blog; turning it into a business venture in its own right that can get you an additional source of income. Here are some easy to follow steps to help you make the jump from blogging for fun to blogging for business.


Two Ways to Advertise

Selling advertising space on your blog is the most common means of creating an income from it and, if you're cornering a niche market with your business, it won't be long before advertisers start showing interest and contacting you with offers. But there's no harm in making it obvious you are looking to sell promotional space on your blog. Adding a banner in a prominent position that says, 'find out about advertising here' is a great way to attract attention.

Another way of making money through advertising on a blog is Google AdSense. This is a programme that uses keywords relevant to the content of your blog to generate associated adverts. The idea is, if people are interested in your blog, they'll be interested in clicking the adverts. And when they do, you'll be paid a fee per click.

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Affiliate Programmes

When you act as an affiliate between your readers and other sites which may interest them, you can really reap the benefits., among many other online retailers, offers an affiliate marketing programme whereby if you link to a product of theirs and one of your readers purchases the product as a result, you earn a fee.

Update Regularly

Even while you're working out your advertising strategy, you'll need to make sure your blog is kept up to date as regularly as possible. Visitors will be more likely to check back if there's regular content, getting you those all-important hits to impress the right advertisers, and to win those all-important click-throughs for Google AdSense and your affiliate programmes. Ask for feedback as often as possible, and you'll have yourself a blog that's just as appealing to your clients as it is to potential investors. Good luck!

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