Blogging Brings Big Benefits!

Everyone is on the blogging scene so it seems nowadays, but why? What benefits is blogging bringing the business owner? And is it worthwhile writing a blog for your own company?

Well, in this day and age of digital technologies and social media domination, it most certainly is worth blogging!

Here's why blogging brings big benefits.


Build your reputation

Blogging is a great way to build your reputation. It's an excellent tool for showing off your expertise within your field by blogging about your experience and knowledge. You can include advice on different aspects of your business and promote anything new. It's an excellent profile raising exercise: you tell your audience what you're good at or what new experience you've gathered via your blog in an interesting and informative way and they engage with you because you're helping them. Simple!

Show your website is up to date

Regular blogging shows that your website is well cared for. By making sure you regularly post a blog piece, you are demonstrating that your website is kept up to date - if your clients realise you take the time and effort to post regular blogs, they'll also realise you are a living and current company who is around and eager to please.

Blogging benefits


Capture the Search Engine Market

Blogs are an excellent way to direct potential clients to your website. With the use of well researched SEO keywords within your blog, those searching for a particular product or service could be directed to your company via the search engines - a great way for new clients, who may never have found you otherwise, to stumble across you. Not to mention that since the introduction of Google Panda, it's vital to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis if you are to stand any chance of appearing anywhere noticeable in the rankings. And what better fresh content than a blog?

Develop your company tone

Blogging also enables you to develop your company tone. With the help of a professional copywriter, you can create a tone of voice that suits your company - be that friendly, chatty and casual or authoritative and formal. You'll be able to command respect, show what type of company you are and highlight your expertise, all in one go!

And Finally... How to get your blog noticed

And here's the great news: it's so easy to get your blog out there! Firstly, make sure all your regular contacts are aware of your blog by sharing the link on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and with your LinkedIn connections and groups, emailing it to them and including it on your newsletters and by putting a link to it on your email signature.

To make it more publicly known, you can include a link to the blog from your website and post it on associated forums - and don't forget that you can also include a link on your forum signature for any you regularly contribute to. How about inviting well known bloggers to guest on your blog too to really get people talking about it, or writing a guest piece yourself on other blogs? The possibilities really are endless - you could even produce a quirky video diary version and post it on YouTube!

Blogging really is a great way to get your company noticed and advertise any new products and services you have. And as the ideas above prove, spreading the word about your blog couldn't be easier. So what are you waiting for - get blogging!

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