Things to Consider When Copywriting Online

Your website may look attractive and professionally designed, but it needs clear compelling messages to sell your products or services. Copywriting for the web requires a different approach to writing for print. It must firstly attract visitors through good search engine results. Then it must keep visitors reading and compel them to make a decision to act - either buy or get in touch or even share with someone else they know will benefit.


Attention Span

People do not read website text and printed text in the same way. Visitors will scan the pages of a website and will usually leave very quickly if they can't find what they want. They have a shorter attention span when reading online and want to find information quickly.

As with any marketing principle, it is essential before you write anything on the web that you consider your audience. What do you want your visitors to feel and do? What information will they be looking for?


Tips for Writing Copy Online

  • Have a strong title and / or make it clear what it is your company does.
  • Avoid long dense blocks of text. Instead use short sentences and break up text by using sub-headings and bullet points.
  • Communicate only one idea per paragraph.
  • Drop the emphasis on "us" and "we" and what the company feels and focus on "you".
  • Avoid jargon, abbreviations, clich?s and acronyms. Speak in plain English using words that visitors may use when searching.
  • Talk about the results and emotional benefits of using the product or service, don't just describe the features.
  • Use strong calls to action like "buy now". You need to explicitly tell them what you want to do and when.
  • Avoid badly written copy, spelling and grammar mistakes. It looks unprofessional. If you're unsure, get the copy professionally proof read.
  • Use customer testimonials to inspire trust.
  • Offer free downloads so that customers can find out more, you can also use this to build your mailing list.
  • Update your site regularly so that customers keep returning - post blogs, news and case studies.
  • Make your site interactive. Invite visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, comment on a purchase, tell a friend, share a blog, etc.

Copywriting Online


The Importance of Keywords

Boost the chances of potential customers finding you via the search engines by using strategically placed keywords within your website copy. This needs to be done with caution because over-use will create a negative effect. Your copy needs to make sense to the people who will be reading it.

Copywriting for the web is an essential skill. You have just 30 seconds to grab attention - fail to do this and you'll lose potential business. Core Media Design offers a professional website copywriting service that gets results. Contact us for details.

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