How an Ecommerce Website can Protect and Boost a Retail Business

We've all witnessed the sad decline of many high street stores such as HMV, Jessops, Comet and Blockbuster. It is said that they failed to compete with the online only retailers such as Amazon, and were too late in truly integrating their online strategies with their high street presence.

Despite the demise of many high street stores, online shopping continues to prosper. A recent source states that online shopping is now more popular in the UK than any other country in the world with an average spend of ?1,083 a year per person.

Armed with these facts, if you are a business that sells products or services, it is critical that you are selling online using an ecommerce website.


The basic features of an ecommerce website include:

  • An online catalogue
  • A shopping basket and checkout system
  • A secure method of payment and a streamlined order processing system

An advanced ecommerce website will have additional features, such as:

  • Account logins
  • Order history facilities
  • Recently viewed items
  • Wish lists and shopping lists
  • Complementary products to allow cross selling and up selling
  • Automated order confirmation
  • Alerts to notify you about stock levels
  • Sales forecasting

Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce websites with advanced features will allow you to better plan with regards to stock and sales. They will also facilitate enhanced marketing campaigns and give a superior level of service and experience to website visitors.

Giving a high level of service to customers is key. In order to effectively compete it is essential to keep abreast of technological developments so that you can give customers what they want and go beyond their expectations.

Customers shopping online now expect to be able to do such things as using a wish list and seeing their purchase history. They want to be able to shop from their mobile and tablet devices and for businesses to communicate offers and messages with them in this way too.

There is an important lesson that all of us can learn from the recent demise of those high street stores. It is essential to constantly monitor and evaluate your business and then adapt and evolve your technology to survive.

To find out more how we can help your business with a fully functioning ecommerce site, contact us today.

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