6 Tips for Effective Email Subject Lines

With so many emails flooding our inboxes these days, it's getting more difficult to make sure your email is the one that is opened and read. The subject line of an email is what draws attention amidst that packed inbox, so is the most vital element of any campaign. Without grabbing the reader's attention and compelling them to read more, your email is likely to be consigned to trash in seconds.

Here are 6 ways you can improve the subject line of your email campaign and in turn your open, click-through and conversion rates:

1. The shorter the better

Long subject lines will not grab readers' attention. Many people now read their emails on mobile devices, so it's essential to keep your subject line short. Between 20 and 30 characters is about right.

2. Beware of over-personalising

Whilst it's deemed good to address recipients by name, it can have the opposite effect to be over-familiar and quote names too often. Once is enough.

3. Don't create panic

It's a good thing to create a sense of urgency with an offer, but using phrases like "last chance" in your subject line can turn people off if they think they're being pushed to take action before they've had time to think.

Effective Email Subject

4. Avoid over-using capital letters and exclamation marks

A subject line written completely in capital letters can deliver the wrong tone and as well as being difficult to read. Just like subject lines that contain too many exclamation marks, recipients may avoid opening these emails as they can look like spam.

5. Tease the Reader

Subject lines do not always have to contain a sales offer. A good way to ensure the reader opens an email is to create interest by asking a question that they will answer "yes" to. For example "Looking for ways to make your money go further?"

6. Choose your words carefully

Certain words such as "free" or "donation" can have an adverse effect on open rates.

Email subject lines are the most important factor when it comes to conversion. If you can tempt your reader to open your email, you have overcome the most important hurdle of capturing their interest in a crowded market place.

These points can help you craft an effective subject line, but it's important to remember to always think about your audience and what works well for them.

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