Email Marketing - How to Get it Right

A well-developed email marketing campaign can bring great results, however it's a good idea to make sure you have all the bases covered before you begin. Here is some advice on ensuring good communications for your email campaigns.

Have a solid contact list

The most important element of your email campaigns is your contact list. An existing list of clients is a great place to start, as they have already expressed interest in your brand. It's a better idea to start off with people you know, rather than a random list of email addresses, as this will give you a better chance of gaining more interest for your company.


Stay within the law

Even if you're using a contact list built from existing clients, legally you have to make sure everyone on that list is OK with receiving your materials. An 'opt-out' link should be included in every message so recipients can unsubscribe easily. Finally, you're not allowed to claim to represent any company other than your own in your email campaigns.

Sort your contacts

If you send lots of generic emails, there's a high chance many of them will end up in Trash folders. In order to keep your clients' interest, try separating your contacts into groups according to their personal data. As your list grows, you'll be able to introduce more specific categories and therefore tailor each email you send for different audiences.

Email Marketing


Get rid of incorrect addresses

Your internet service provider will expect you to keep your contact list clear of defunct email addresses. Your email program might do this automatically, or you may have to put in extra work to check. In any case, make sure you keep an eye on any addresses which regularly bounce.

Make it mobile

Because more people than ever are checking their emails using their phone, it's important to make sure your campaigns are optimised for the small screen. Clear design, with a single column layout, will help with this, as well as smaller subject lines and larger buttons for links. This way, even the busiest of clients can keep up to date with your company.

Create engaging content

Get recipients to open your messages with a cleverly-written subject line and then launch straight into your news. Overall, your content should be friendly, relevant and engaging to keep readers coming back for more. Plan out what you want to say in advance and make sure you include some bold, relevant images to go with the text.

Email marketing is often overlooked when it comes to publicity, but it can really garner results. Stay ahead of the trends and respect your recipients and you'll gain plenty of interest for your company in no time.

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