Keywords: you know you need them in your web content - but are you using the right ones?

According to new research from Hitwise, there has been a noticeable change in the way web users are inputting keywords into search engines.

The number of searches using only one or two keywords is declining while those using seven, eight or more words have grown by 4%. It seems that more people are finding they get better search results by using longer key phrases rather than individual keywords.


For website owners, this is interesting news that should make you take a close look at the keywords and phrases you are currently using in your web content. Are they attracting the maximum amount of traffic? Have you made the mistake of choosing keywords you thought were right instead of those that potential customers are actually using?

There is a lot more to choosing effective keywords than simply picking those you think best describe your company, products or services. Words that are obvious to you might not match those an outsider would use. You need to keep in mind that although you know exactly what information you want your website to convey, you are trying to attract people who have never seen it before.

Asking people not connected to your company for their keyword suggestions can reveal some surprising but very useful results.

For example, although you are familiar with the technical terms used in your business, potential customers might be searching for plain English alternatives. If you are hoping to reach foreign customers you need to know if they are likely to use a slightly different way of describing the same thing. Then there are plurals, variations, phrases using the same words in a different order; lots to consider!

Keyword analysis

Choosing your keywords and phrases is just the beginning; you can only ensure they are working for you by monitoring the amount of good quality traffic each one generates. There is no point in littering your content with keywords that get your site a higher search engine ranking if the majority of visitors only spend a few seconds on your homepage. It is much better to get fewer hits with a greater percentage of searchers who are genuinely interested in what your website is offering.

If a keyword or phrase is doing its job, that's fine. If not, you need to do some more research and find a better one.

You can buy software packages to help you monitor and analyse keyword performance but, if you are too busy running all the other aspects of your business to devote sufficient time to the subject, this is one job it makes sense to outsource.

A professional will have the right tools, experience and up-to-date knowledge to be able to advise you on the best keywords and phrases to drive quality traffic to your website. No more trial and error on your part. All you have to do is be ready to deal with the extra customers.

For help with researching, analysing and selecting the best keywords and phrases, contact Core Media Design today.

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