New Google Analytics: Five Great New Features

In Version Five of Google Analytics, website owners can find an array of new features designed to analyse their traffic. It's very important to make sure you have updated to the new reports as soon as possible, as the old ones stopped in June 2012.

Here are five of the newest features from Google Analytics that are sure to bring you great benefits and insights:


Multiple Dashboards

The Google Analytics dashboard has always been a most useful feature. Now, users have the chance to utilise multiple dashboards, with sleek-looking widgets which can be dragged and dropped at any chosen place on the screen. Reports are now even more customised than ever.

Event Goals

Event Goals are an extension of the Engagement Goals which were developed for Google Analytics in 2009. These were designed to track the success metrics around each visitor's depth and time spent on the site. Event tracking goes further than this, tracking the visitor actions which don't correspond directly to page views. This could include downloads of PDF files, interactions with Adobe Flash objects or how long a particular video was watched on your website. All very rich information for any website owner.

Google Analytics


Plot Rows

On the top of most Google Analytics reports is a graph which is designed to give you a quick overview of your site's performance over time. From this graph, it is easy to spot trends and gain an understanding of how your website traffic is changing. The new Plot Rows feature allows users to quickly identify the key causes of particular peaks and valleys in this data by graphing two rows of data alongside each other, and comparing them to overall traffic measures.

Report Sharing

Email reports, including in PDF format, can now be set up at a variety of regularly scheduled times, including daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. This feature is currently in beta testing stages and is set to be finalised soon.

Social Media Reports

Measuring how social media affects website traffic has always been tricky, as it's difficult to know exactly what's happening in an environment which bridges the gap between activity which occurs on and off your website. The new Social section of Google Analytics allows users to better measure the full impact of social channels for their businesses. The reports can help to identify the full measure of traffic from social sites, understand the activities occurring to help optimise user engagement and to make more informed decisions regarding your social media marketing.

With these new features (and many more) Google Analytics is making it easier than ever for website owners to view and understand where their traffic comes from, and how their visitors behave.

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