The Changing Face of Marketing

In this digital age, marketing budgets are increasingly being re-focused by high-profile companies towards online campaigns, and it's easy to see why: digital technologies offer such a wide range of possibilities for promoting your business which traditional advertising via print media cannot compete with on budget or audience scope.

Through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, viral campaigns and digital platforms such as YouTube, online marketing campaigns are able to promote businesses and reach out to a global audience and a volume of customers that traditional print marketing could only ever dream of.

Luxury fashion brand Burberry is the perfect example of how to market successfully online, having increased their spending on digital marketing to 60% of its total marketing budget. This means it will be spending more on innovative digital initiatives such as social media website Facebook or the digital platform YouTube than on traditional adverts in glossy magazines.


Online Campaign sees 9 Million Facebook Likes for Fashion Brand Burberry

This may be seen as a risky strategy, but it follows a successful Facebook campaign which saw the upmarket clothing company reach an untapped market. When the campaign was launched, a following of 250,000 followers who had clicked the 'like' button was quickly established. This had doubled within a week to 500,000, and within a couple of months this figure has rocketed to the 9,070,447 Facebook users who have clicked the 'like' button to date.

When the campaign began, the company cleverly offered a free sample of their new Burberry Body fragrance to those who 'liked' the page in exchange for access to their Facebook data, and while this has certainly helped the number of fans along, it also means that Burberry now has a captive audience of Facebook users (or, as they are also known, potential customers) who it can regularly post updates and offers to. The fragrance sample was available to their Facebook fans even before the perfume hit the shops, and the campaign would appear to have worked as the company is reported to have sent samples of the fragrance all over the world.

Online Marketing


YouTube Takeover

The brand continued their online campaign with a 'take over' of the digital platform YouTube's homepage. In 13 countries, including India, Russia, and the UK, Burberry's advert, featuring actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley promoting the Burberry Body fragrance, was automatically placed upon entry to the site's homepage, meaning that approximately 60 million people within these countries would have viewed the advert when using YouTube, creating a truly global audience and producing staggering viewing figures by any company's standards! This was backed up by a TV screening of the same advert, which was a first for the company.


Online Marketing: For Businesses Large and Small

And Burberry isn't the only company taking advantage of the advertising opportunities offered by digital marketing. The fashion house Oscar de la Renta achieved similar success with their online campaign recently too, depleting the 25,000 samples of their new fragrance within just three days.

But it's not just the major players who can benefit; the beauty of online marketing is that it can be scaled to suit the budget, which is good news for the small business.

So if your business has had enough of throwing money at traditional advertising and you're getting little return for your efforts, it might be time to consider an online marketing campaign. Any business, no matter its size, can benefit from digital marketing; using the right type of online campaign could open your business up to an audience you might never otherwise have been able to reach.

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