The 7 Most Hated Things on Your Website

Poorly designed websites can lead to high abandonment rates, low conversion rates and poor rankings in the search engines. There are so many design issues that web visitors hate, yet businesses still continue to use. Here are seven of them that you need to avoid at all costs:

Automatic Sound When a Page Loads

Whether a user is browsing at work or in the privacy of their own home, a sudden blaring theme tune can be really off-putting. If a user can't easily find how to turn the sound off, they will quickly abandon. A good web designer will give visitors the option to have sound or whether to play multi-media content.


Pop-Up Adverts

Pop-up adverts can be very annoying and distracting for web visitors. Even if it's to promote something within in your own site such as subscribing to a newsletter, is it worth it to lose the number of users who abandon your website in frustration? It's better to use well-written content with clear calls to action instead. You can leave sign-ups to later when you have the user's trust.

Generic Stock Photography

Whilst images are vital on a website to boost engagement, they should ideally be actual shots of your business and the people in it. Stock photography doesn't create a trusting environment and using the same images as a competitor won't help with boosting your identity.

Poorly Designed Website


A Poor About Us Page

The About Us page on a website needs to be well-designed, easy to find and use clear copy that contains no jargon and which everyone will understand. A website copywriter can help to make this an effective page.

No Contact Information

A customer may have a query or an important question but will abandon your website if they cannot contact a "real person". Your web design agency should build a dedicated Contact Us page which is easy to find and provides several ways for a web visitor to contact a customer service representative if they need to.

Website Copy that is Written for Search Engines

Dense text on a website which is rammed full of over-used keywords is severely off-putting for web visitors. Website copy needs to be written for humans, not just for search engines. It needs to be easy to read, persuasive and have clear calls to action. A professional website copywriter can help with this.

Using Flash

Whilst Flash can look stunning on some websites, your web designer knows its limitations; search engines don't recognise it so your site won't get indexed. It can also be very frustrating for users who visit a website to have to wait for a visual to load and play. And don't forget, Flash isn't supported by numerous mobile devices. There are plenty of other ways to embed video in a website and your web designer will be able to advise you on the best option.

These are just seven factors that may turn off your website visitors. Talk with your web design agency about avoiding them and in doing so, instantly boosting the usability of your website.

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