Start Spreading the News!

So you've started your blog, created a striking design, written some clever and engaging content ... but how do you get people to read it and subscribe?

Luckily, there are dozens of ways for you to get your blog 'out there' on the internet and they're quick, easy, and effective.

Here are just a few to get you started:


Advertise on your website

The most straightforward way to get people to your blog is to link it from the main page of your website. Putting a little info up about recent articles can really catch people's attention and get you those vital clicks.

Always use the share buttons!

This is totally essential for any blog! By using an embedded 'share' feature, your visitors can promote your posts to hundreds of others just from one click. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just some of the websites linked to by this great feature.

Email your contacts

Sending an email to your contacts is another great way to get people to visit - especially if you create a snappy subject line. Don't forget to include details of your blog posts in your regular website newsletters too.

Promote your blog


Post links on Forums

There are so many online communities out there, many of them chatting about the very thing you're an expert in. By getting involved in a forum related to your website's ethos, you'll have plenty of chances to mention your blog posts. You can also create an eye-catching image which links to your blog in your forum signature, which will then appear on every post you make. Simple!

Put it in your email signature

Speaking of signatures, a sure-fire way to get more hits is to link to your blog in the signature of your emails. That way, everyone you send a message to will know about it.

Ask guest bloggers to post for you

Once you're up and running with regular content, asking a fellow blogger to contribute a guest post for you is a great way to get more visitors (particularly if you've got friends in high places!). Alternatively, writing a guest blog (with a link back to your own) for another website can instantly help you tap into a whole new audience for your content.

Get filming!

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. A video diary on YouTube can generate hundreds of hits a day, especially if you can come up with some clever and creative ideas. A well-produced innovative video can capture people's attention the world over, bringing you a huge amount of traffic in no time.

With these methods, you're bound to receive a wealth of new visitors in no time. So what are you waiting for? Start promoting your blog today!

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