Why a Regular Website Review is Vital to Maintain a Competitive Edge

It's easy to think that once your website's up and running, that's it; it will work for you, job done, and you can sit back and relax. But times and trends change, as does the information being delivered by your website, and therefore it's vital you keep it fresh and up to date. Just like a home needs a fresh coat of paint every so often to keep it spruced up and tip-top, a revamp of your website will also guarantee that you'll have a competitive edge!

If it's been a while since you launched your website, for example, more than a year ago, there's a good chance that some of the information, and indeed maybe even the look of some parts of the site, will be out of date. And if it's been any longer than a year, may be even two or three, then there's a real possibility that it's starting to look dated. Just as fashions change, trends change very quickly in the world of the web, and what may have been the height of style and forward thinking a few years ago could be considered outmoded today.


Check your Content - at Very Least

The least you should do is make sure that the content and information is correct and selling your company just as it should be. For example, does your 'About' page still tell your company's story and give a true picture? Or have you now expanded or moved into extra fields, or maybe have more experience and expertise? Have you added new products and services? Do people know that you offer these new services? If it's the case that you haven't updated anything new on offer, you could be losing out on potential customers who simply don't know that these services and products are available to them.

If you have a news section or a blog, it's also important to keep that up to date and regularly post new articles. It's a fact that visitors are put off by websites that haven't been updated recently - if you don't care for your own website, what does it say about the care offered to your customers?

Website Review


Fresh Thinking on Design

Design is also a big consideration. If you've gathered new images as you've enhanced your expertise, make sure you're updating your website with them; new images translate into experience and success. Similarly, fresh and more effective ways of showcasing your products and services may have been developed since your website was launched, and keeping on top of web design trends will make you look like a business that keeps itself up to date.

So if you've been neglecting your website and hoping that it'll do the work for you, it might be a good idea to take a look and consider whether it could do with a refurb, or even just a spring clean. You'll receive a far better return and customer response from a well looked after, bang on trend website that gives a true representation of your company, rather than a picture of what it was a few years ago. A change will do you good, as they say, and this is certainly true in the world of websites!

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