Use your Website to Maximise Seasonal Sales

Part of having an effective business website is learning how to use it as a proactive marketing tool. While you may not have important news to announce every week, each season brings with it new opportunities to create offers and promotions. Likewise, annual days of importance, such as Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Mother's Day provide excellent opportunities to market your brand.

By adapting your website to incorporate nationally recognised events, you'll show your prospective customers that your company remains consistently up to date and ahead of the game.


Keep an Eye on the Time

Using the seasons or significant dates as marketing tools can be achieved in several ways. Special offers are great for boosting business, especially when tied in with major events or occasions. As well as this, publishing guides or useful advice relating to each season or date will guarantee you repeat visitors. Articles relating to specific occasions are top of the search engine keyword results month on month, and, if you're writing them, people will be more likely to find your website. Don't forget to link everything through your social media accounts, too.

Update Regularly

In order to effectively implement content which is regularly changed, your website will need to be easily updated through a content management system (CMS). Images, announcements, videos and news items will all need to be replaced and updated in a straightforward manner, to save on time and ensure that your website visitors are kept up to date. If you regularly advertise through offline mediums, such as newspapers or print adverts, these will also need to be kept in line with your website advertising. If your business is primarily concerned with selling products, you could publish a voucher code for people to use in store or online. This way, you can track which seasonal offers provide the best return and therefore plan ahead for the next year.

Seasonal Sales


Plan Ahead!

If you regularly carry out sales forecasting, you can take note of any seasonal dips in order to plan a strategy in advance which will help you boost sales during quiet periods. By increasing your online activities, including promotions, social media and e-newsletters, your website can become the means to generate an increased income in every month of the year. Using the calendar as a marketing tool is a sure fire way to gather the largest possible audience for your work - make sure you don't get left behind by keeping an eye on the date and planning your activities accordingly.

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