6 Ways to Get Your Website Contact Page Really Working for You

On your website, your contact us page is often the very point at which a visitor will decide whether to go ahead and get in touch - it's where they go to get your contact details once they've spent some time getting to know what you do. For this reason it needs to be welcoming and informative, and easy to find and use.

Here are six tips for creating a contact us page that will compel a visitor to make that call:

1. Make sure it's easily found from the home page. Ideally it will be located as the last link in the main navigation menu, added as a call to action on the right hand side of the page and / or within the footer of the homepage.

2. Include an email address or an email contact form. By adding an email address, you are showing that you are approachable and that that you welcome contact and feedback from your web visitors. A contact form allows you to have more control over the type of content that you will receive.

3. A telephone number should be clearly displayed on the contact page to create trust. A Freephone or local rate number can help make your company look like a reputable operation, but also include a local landline number too to show people where you are located and to encourage calls from mobile users who may be concerned over the costs of calls to numbers starting with prefixes such as 08. Make sure phone numbers are 'searchable' text rather than images so that they can be called directly from mobile devices with a simple tap.

Website Contact Page

4. A business or customer service address should be included on the contact page. Apart from being a legal requirement, it gives a sense of credibility about your business and allows web visitors to contact you by post should they want to. It can be a good idea to include an interactive map on this page too.

5. Include links to your social media platforms on the contact page. Many customers now prefer to communicate or get in touch using social networking sites so this aids customer service. It also helps to encourage web visitors to sign up for marketing purposes.

6. The design of your contact page should be in keeping with the rest of your website. It should maintain the same fonts, styling, level of imagery and general look. The contact information should be included as HTML text rather than images so that web visitors can copy and paste the information should they need to, and access interactive features when browsing your website via a mobile device.

Your contact page is often the first point of contact that a prospective customer will have with your business, so it needs to look professional, credible and approachable. To create a good impression, your contact page needs to be easy to find from the home page and simple to use. Core Media Design can help with all aspects of your ecommerce and business website including designing an impactful contact page. Contact us for advice.

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