Aim for Success by Setting Goals for Your Website

Planning a new website for your business is a great start, but have you considered the aims and objectives of the site? A website that looks impressive may well entice visitors, but it won't serve you well if you haven't thought about what you want it to do.

Whether you want to attract new business, engage with existing customers or show off your wares via an online brochure, it's important to let your website designer know what you wish to achieve right at the start of the project so they can make sure all the tools are in place to help you meet your objectives.


Attracting New Business

If you want to attract new business through your website, your web designer will make sure that your site is designed with search engine optimisation in mind.

Keyword-packed content is important and, if you want your website to rank highly in the search engines, it will need to be geared towards that from the start and you'll need to set aside a budget to make this happen over time.

Engaging with Customers

You might want to use your website to make customers feel at home, and to encourage them to do more business with you or buy more products. If this is the case, your website designer will include tools such as newsletter sign-ups, exclusive customer areas, free downloads and links to social networking platforms where they can get properly involved.

Website Goals


Shop Window

Some companies provide their websites as online alternatives to popular offline services. If this sounds like you, you'll want your website to be as customer-friendly as your business practices. Content should be engaging, compelling and easy to read. Calls to action, such as information about how to book consultations or other services, will go far in enticing people who may not have visited you yet. Remember to keep the focus on "What's in it for me?" - if a client can see immediately how your services will benefit them, they'll be far more likely to call.

Online Brochure

If your company produces a lot of visually-engaging work, turning your website into the equivalent of an online brochure may open up new opportunities. Choosing a design which is easy to navigate with an attractive gallery will allow potential clients to browse your work easily.

Opportunities can easily be missed if a website doesn't have set objectives. Increased publicity, sales and customers will only happen once you've decided what you want - and put the right tools in place to achieve it. Once you've got clear aims for your company website, choose a web designer who will work closely with you and has the ability to bring these aims to life.

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