Easy Apps for the Small Business

Your small or start up business needs a website, but you need to watch your budget. You are strapped for time and it really would be easier if you could pick up a ready-to-go website app off the shelf; something that's ready to run, without the hassle. And you'd like to pay for it monthly to ease your outlay. But at the same time, you want the back-up of a reliable and knowledgeable website development team who you can turn to for additional support as you need it.


Ready to Go Pay Monthly Website Apps

Core Media Design can help. Our range of small business apps are ready to go. They provide a simple solution for the time strapped start-up or budget-watching small business and have been created with the aim of getting your business online quickly, affordably and - most important - effectively.

We've designed three ready-to-go apps based on what our small business customers ask us for most.

App 1: Content Managed Website

You want to update your website on a regular basis; perhaps you have news to report, offers to promote or new products to add. You want instant control over the content with the ability to update it whenever you please, wherever you are.

Our content management systems are easy to use, intuitive and secure. Log in from any web browser, select the page you wish to edit and make your changes. Click update and view your changes instantly. Our WYSIWYG editor follows the familiar format of popular office applications and allows you to make real time content edits without any need for HTML or technical knowledge.

Easy Apps

App 2: E-Commerce Website

If you want to sell products or take bookings on your website, this is the app for you. Visitors can browse your products or services; add them to their shopping basket and then checkout using a secure payment system.

The E-Commerce website app allows visitors to create an account so future purchases are made easier. Plus you get to legitimately collect customer information which you can use for marketing purposes. Get automatic notifications of orders placed, track sales histories, take payments and issue credits; all quickly, easily and efficiently.

App 3: Gallery Website

You may be a photographer, or perhaps you are an artist or a designer. You need an online portfolio to showcase your work in an easy-to-browse, attractive format.

Our Gallery website app has been designed to display creative work in a simple way, so the portfolio becomes the focus of the site. We've made sure this website app is optimised for fast-downloading so the visitor experience is enjoyable. Sort your work into categories, tag your images for search engine optimisation and enjoy functions such as zoom, enlarge and view as a slide show.


Affordable Quality

All Core Media Design ready-to-go website apps come with a full guarantee and free hosting for the first year. Pay monthly for easy budgeting and enjoy the benefits of our long-term experience, technical knowledge and dedication to customer service which mean you're getting more than just your average off-the-shelf low cost website.

Start up or small business? Need to get online with minimal outlay and no hassle but with the back-up of a web design company that will truly support you? Ask us about our small business easy website apps today.

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