Flash and 3D

Make sure your website visitors never forget their experience on your site!

If you want impactful, attention-grabbing, animated and interactive digital media presentations, then you need Flash and 3D animation.

Flash holds the key to making that all important first impression.

It literally brings digital media presentations to life.


Do you want to:

  • Clearly demonstrate what you do rather than just tell people?
  • Show customers full views of your products and let them interact with your images?
  • Showcase your work through an interactive gallery?
  • Explain how something works by showing rather than telling?

If so, you need Flash. Flash is a powerful tool that can be used to produce a long list of features like video presentations, stunning image transitions, interactive maps and animated tutorials on any type of platform, from web to PowerPoint presentations.

Engage your audience and get them interacting with your presentation

3D Visualisation allows you to engage your audience with interactive features that give instant feedback and therefore a memorable experience. And a memorable experience means visitors will come back to your website or clearly remember the message you were conveying through your presentation.

Core Media Design's Flash and 3D experts are highly creative and imaginative and are on hand to guide and direct you to making a stunning presentation that no one will ever forget and that people will go on talking about to everyone they meet.

Flash and 3D


Create that Memorable Experience!

Using our strong understanding of communication technology, we can develop anything from complex video presentations to the most basic elements; but remember that even the most basic Flash or 3D elements can add a whole new dimension to your digital media presentation!

An interactive website or multimedia presentation will never fail to grab attention and provide a memorable audience experience. If you want to make a statement that shouts individuality then talk to us about developing an image-boosting Flash or 3D project just for you. Contact us today to discuss your specific project!

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