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Ground Breaking Website Design for all types of Businesses

An all-embracing web development service where breathtaking website design blends with skilled database and ecommerce development and is backed up with smart optimisation... this is on offer from Core Media Design.

If you are looking for a stunning website that is user friendly and fulfils your business goals one hundred per cent; a website that works: in the search engines and in selling to your customers; then you have come to the right place.

With Core Media Design, everything is covered. From stunning design to search engine optimisation; professional content to ease of accessibility for all; we have it all here on offer ready to make your website the best it can be. The best, most competitive website it can be possibly be.


Visitor Experience: Covered

We want your visitors to have a memorable experience when they land on your website so that they don't hesitate to return time and time again - and tell lots of other people about it. That's why we combine compelling content with dramatic design features to make sure this happens.

Search Engine Optimisation: Covered

We also want your website to be found in the search engines and to rank as highly as possible to give your business the competitive edge. And that's why we invest highly in search engine optimisation initiatives that are tailored to your specific goals.

Website Accessibility: Covered

After designing and developing a website it is imperative that it is tested across all browsers, operating systems and platforms. Unlike with some website developers, Core Media Design offers this testing as standard so you can rest assured that each and every one of your visitors will be able to view your website, just as you want them to.

We also make sure that your website is completely user friendly, assuring ease of navigation and quick downloads. We abide by the strict guidelines set down by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) and adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act 1997.

Website Design Company


The Internet has a Huge Influence on Consumer Decisions

According to research carried out by the Digital Influence Index (DII), the internet has almost double the influence of television in consumer decision-making in the UK, Germany and France.

In the same three countries, the internet has roughly twice the influence of the second-strongest channel - television - and about eight times the influence of printed media.

In the UK, 66% of online consumers say the internet helps them make better decisions.

These statistics clearly illustrate that an online presence is vital; no company can afford to do without one, and in today's competitive climate the importance of having a media platform that offers multi-faceted benefits is immense.


Website solutions for all types of businesses - get yours today!

Core Media Design provides web solutions for businesses at all levels: from start-ups and SMEs to multi national corporations. How can we offer such a broad spectrum of services? Because our team is made up of web experts with an extensive range of capabilities and experience.

Get in touch with Core Media Design today and get your business the web presence it deserves!

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